About CrowdStaff

What is CrowdStaff?

CrowdStaff is a 24-hour online real time local work market

CrowdStaff is a new type of smart job site that matches workers with employers' jobs

CrowdStaff is proudly Australian owned and made, based in Sydney, Australia

CrowdStaff is not an employment agency

How We Started

We started CrowdStaff because we know how difficult it can be finding casual and temporary staff to fill roster gaps on short notice. This would involve many phone calls, voicemail messages, SMS’s and many hours wasted. Often multiple shifts would remain unfilled. In summary, the whole process was a nightmare.

So we set out to make the process of filling jobs faster. We wanted employers to be able to get the best available workers in minutes, not in days. We wanted to reduce the number of phone calls it would take for an employer to get hold of a worker who was actually available. And we wanted workers to be able to easily get jobs that suit them when they are available.

CrowdStaff is the result. It means employers use their existing worker pool and can get new workers matched to their job in seconds and workers can apply for and book jobs online in seconds.