Frequent Questions

General Questions

What is CrowdStaff?

CrowdStaff is the world’s fastest local work market. It’s the quickest way to get the latest jobs in your area when you are available. CrowdStaff is proudly Australian owned and made. We are based in Sydney, Australia. CrowdStaff is 100% cloud-based and open online 24/7. CrowdStaff can be accessed from any internet device including your computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

How much does CrowdStaff cost?

Nothing. CrowdStaff is 100% free for everyone. There are no hidden costs or charges. No credit card required. When we say free we mean completely free.

How can you charge nothing – what’s the trick?

There is no trick. CrowdStaff is 100% free! We are currently spending all our time making CrowdStaff fantastic. If we later introduce additional services for which we decide to charge, you will be advised well in advance.

Is CrowdStaff just another employment agency?

CrowdStaff is an online local work market with real jobs, real people, real employers and real businesses. CrowdStaff is not an employment agency.

Account, Username & Password

I have forgotten my password. How do I reset my password?

Simply click “Login” at the top right of the page, then click on “Forgotten password?” and enter the email address that you use for CrowdStaff and click on “Reset my password”. Then go to that email address account and check the email for details.

I requested a new password but I did not receive an email. What should I do?

First check that your email address is correct by logging in to your email account and verifying that you have the correct email address. The next step is to request a new password again.

Wait a couple of minutes then check your email account. Make sure you also check the Spam or Junk folder to make sure the password reset email is not there. If you are still having difficulties please contact us.

The password I was sent did not work. What should I do?

Please make sure you enter the password correctly. Make sure you don’t have caps lock on. If the password still does not work then request a new password.

Then go to your email address that you use for CrowdStaff and look for the password reset email (if it is not in your inbox please check your Spam folder) and follow the instructions in the email. If you have already done this you can request a new password again. If you are still having trouble please contact us.


What is the difference between a job match and a job offer?

A job match is when a worker meets the criteria of a job. Matched workers are then ranked according to who is the best match for each job. Matched workers then review the job ad. If they are interested they can apply for the job.

The employer will then review their job application. If the employer would like to employ the worker then the employer can send a job offer to the worker. Workers can then book the job online.

Alternatively the employer can contact the worker by phone and book the worker if they would like. An employer may elect to initially send a 'job offer' to workers known to the employer or previously employed by the employer. In this case those workers will be able to instantly book the job without having to apply for the job.

What type of jobs can I post?

Casual, contract, temporary and permanent jobs can be posted on CrowdStaff.

Can I post commission only jobs?

Unfortunately commission only jobs cannot be posted on CrowdStaff. Unpaid positions can be posted as long as they comply with the relevant Fair Work guidelines.

Contractors or employees - what's the difference?

Find out more at Fair Work

Is participation voluntary?

Of course. Participation is voluntary and at your own risk.

CrowdStaff acts as a medium which connects employers to workers, students and education providers. Some Information about your workplace rights and responsibilities is available at Fair Work - Fact Sheets and Fair Work - A guide for young workers.

Should I be concerned about double bookings?

No. CrowdStaff reduces the risk of double bookings by stopping workers from booking jobs that have already been filled or are no longer available. Of course you can opt not to fill jobs on CrowdStaff and just have applicants apply only.

Privacy and Security

Does CrowdStaff respect my privacy?

CrowdStaff completely respects your privacy. CrowdStaff has developed a Privacy Policy – we have even made a summary for you. CrowdStaff fully complies with the Australian Spam Act (2003).

The only time an employer can view a worker’s profile is if a worker applies for an employer's job or if an employer invited you to the site. Employers and other workers will not be able to view your worker profile or resume. No one can “browse” through CrowdStaff workers to find who they want.

Can I hide my profile from my current employer?

Your profile will remain hidden by default. The only time an employer can view your resume or profile is if you apply for one of their jobs. Employer names are clearly displayed on the jobs they are advertising.

Will my contact details be given to any 3rd parties?

CrowdStaff does not disclose your contact details (including name, phone numbers, address and email address) to any 3rd party without your consent, except where it is required to comply with any applicable laws or in the event of legal proceedings where the information is relevant. To find our further details please read our Privacy Policy.

Is CrowdStaff secure?

Yes. We keep your data safe in our secure servers. CrowdStaff takes all reasonable steps to ensure the security of our system and to protect your information from misuse, interference and loss as well as unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. CrowdStaff allows you to access your information at any time to keep it accurate and up to date. Any information which we hold for you is stored on secure servers.

You can also play an important role in keeping your personal information secure, by maintaining the confidentiality of any password and accounts used on the CrowdStaff. Please notify us immediately if there is any unauthorised use of your account by any other Internet user, or any other breach of security relating to your account.

Technical Issues

I have found a technical issue (e.g. a bug) with the site. What should I do?

Please contact us and let us know about it now so we can fix it up.

I have some suggestions for your site. Where can I send them?

We love to hear your suggestions – please contact us and let us know your thoughts.

Does this site use cookies?

Yes. Please ensure your browser accepts cookies. Read more about how to enable cookies in your web browser.

I am not receiving any email notifications from CrowdStaff. What should I do?

Firstly check that your email account is listed correctly in your CrowdStaff account settings
Workers – Click on your account image in the top right hand corner of the screen, then click on Account. Then check that your email address is correct. Employers – Click on your account image in the top right hand corner of the screen. Then click on Admin, then click on the user whose email address you want to view and check that the email address is correct.

Next login to your personal email and check to see if you have any emails from us in your Inbox. Also check your Spam folder.

If problems persist, please contact us.

What can I do if CrowdStaff doesn’t display properly in my web browser?

CrowdStaff supports the latest versions of most common web browsers. Please check you have updated your browser to the latest version. You can also try downloading one of the latest new web browsers for free - check them out here.

If you are still having problems please contact us.